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Hey all you AT fans out there! Welcome to Adventure Time: Reviewed, a blog where I will be reviewing every episode of AT over the next year or two. As this blog begins, I plan on reviewing two episodes on Mondays and two episodes on Fridays, but as time goes on, I’ll transition into reviewing two episodes that will be posted each Friday.

First, however, I wanted to give a brief background on my history with AT. “Adventure Time” is a show very near and dear to my heart and I personally don’t think there is any show on television, animated or not, that is quite like it. I still remember when I first saw the premiere way back on April 5, 2010. I hadn’t ever seen the pilot of the show, and so watching it for the first time was certainly a treat. I wasn’t necessarily blown away by it, but thought in short, it was cute. I continued to watch up until season two, but began to lose touch a bit. I was much more interested in “Regular Show” at the time, and thought it overall delivered more laughs and more entertainment. My faith in AT was restored with “Mortal Folly”/”Mortal Recoil” and I was once again found myself hooked. I continued watching episodically through season three up until “Incendium,” and that was a significant point in my AT experience where I realized, there was no turning back. I loved everything about “Incendium”; the genuine emotion and honesty of the characters, the compelling story, the sharp humor and the beautiful colors. It was that point that I generally became obsessed with the show, and that obsession continues to this very day. My interest in AT has only grown over time, and I find that, while it may be a controversial opinion, the series has only gotten better and better with time.

As I had mentioned, there sincerely is no show quite like “Adventure Time.” I can’t think of a single other series that contains an episode that questions whether or not life is merely a giant disappointment or involves a backstory as tragic as the Ice King’s, that also contains an episode where one of the characters narrates the life of a rabbit while shape-shifted into the form of a brick. It’s a complete balls-crazy yet poignant mess that might not follow the traditional structure of a regular series, but that’s just what it is. It isn’t your typical series, it’s friggin’ “Adventure Time,” and it doesn’t need to be anything else. It can tackle big subjects like depression and the inevitability of the future in one episode, and be a completely irrelevant fun romp the next.

Ultimately the part of “Adventure Time” I find most admirable is that I’ve grown up with it from its beginning to its upcoming end. I was 12-years-old when the show first started, and through its entirety, I’ve felt as though it was easy to put myself in Finn’s shoes 90 percent of the time. Sure, I never lost my arm or owned a sword materialized from my paradoxical self, but Finn has been an easily identifiable character in the show’s entirety and I almost feel as though the show it self has held my hand through the tough times of adolescence and entering adulthood.

So, in honor of my love for this show, I’ve taken it upon myself to review all the episodes from beginning to end, covering its highest and lowest points. I’ll also cover some of the shorts, bonus content, specials and more. So come grab your friends, and let’s go to distant lands!


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