Adventure Time Reviewed: Reader Feedback

Howdy, y’all! As we approach the last few episode reviews of the series, I want to open up for a chance at seeing what you would like to see from this blog before I close shop. I have lots of ideas for bonus reviews once I actually do finish up with the finale, including:

  • Top 10 Best and Worst Episodes
  • An analytical deep-dive into every major character.
  • Best Title Cards.
  • Best Moments.
  • 10 episodes that I think should have been made.

And more! I’d also like to plan something special, like a little wrap-up party on Discord or any other community server, so feel free to share if you’d be interested in this as well! I’m happy to consider any ideas presented to me. As is, the upcoming scheduled reviews should look something like this:

  • September 8: Jake the Starchild
  • September 15: Temple of Mars
  • September 22: Gumbaldia
  • September 29: Diamonds and Lemons (Bonus review)
  • October 13: Come Along With Me
  • October 20: Season Nine Review

Lots more content still in the works post-series, so be sure to let me know what you want to see!

– Eric


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