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“The Real You” Review

TRY 1.png

Original Airdate: February 14, 2011

Written & Storyboarded by: Rebecca Sugar & Adam Muto

Finn’s crush on PB is certainly endearing, but it isn’t one of the stronger points of the series. It is a crucial part of the first few seasons and it does lead to terrific tension and development as the series progresses, but the concept of the “younger boy liking an older girl” or unrequited love in general is very common in most animated series like Gravity Falls or Foster’s Home, heck, even live action shows use this trope. That’s not to say the show uses them badly, but it’s just sort of treads similar waters. The aspect that makes it a bit more interesting is that it brings out one of Finn’s major character flaws: his social awkwardness and willingness to risk anything for Bubblegum.

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I’m also not one to insinuate that a character flaw is necessarily a bad thing; it can be, but in a majority of situations, it makes the main protagonist appear more interesting. Having a character that is flawed and imperfect helps the audience to better identify with the characters and its world, and using a pre-pubescent Finn’s crush on PB is a perfect example of that. It’s easy to empathize with Finn’s deep feelings of infatuation for Bubblegum and pinpoint it as a developmentally appropriate stage of life.

That being said, Finn’s desire to become smarter to impress the princess is very enjoyable and almost works as a trip through memory lane for anyone who is Finn’s age or remembers being an awkward and quirky preteen. We’re treated to some delightfully silly gags along the way: the school of worms, Finn and Jake studying while making a beat out of their blinking, Jake shrinking down small but still drawing a face on his finger, and the return of Choose Goose! Hearing Jeff Bennett’s Hanna Barbera-esque voice as CG is always a treat, and never fails to make me laugh.

TRY 3.png

First ever appearance of the giant crater within Earth. Awesome!

Speaking of voice acting, Jeremy Shada gives a terrific performance of Finn in this episode. He hilariously pulls off the “mad with power” inflections and overtones, and really puts everything into making his character feel as authentic as possible. It shows how great Shada is as a voice actor, and just how well he is able to follow Finn’s progressions of age and altercations. My only complaint is that we don’t get to spend more time with “smart” Finn. Finn doesn’t actually put the glasses on till about 7 minutes in, so it feels like we don’t get to enjoy his presence nearly enough. The scene with the class of worms was humorous, but it could’ve easily been substituted for some more crazy Finn.

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This episode also marks the end to one of the most recurring possessions thus far: Finn’s golden sword (a.k.a. Scarlett). Scarlett is one of the most identifiable objects in the entire series, and pretty much any promo you’ll ever see for the show has Finn wielding his golden sword. It’s only appropriate that the sword is sacrificed in this episode, however. This is the beginning of Finn’s upcoming entrance into his teenager years, and signifies the end of an era for himself. The sacrifice also showcases the honesty and truth behind Finn’s feelings for PB: he’s willing to give up one of his most prized possessions for her love. Of course, it was unintentional, but hey, smart Finn had it planned all along! Soon he will be entering more dangerous and difficult challenges, as well as further awkwardness between himself and Bubblegum.

Favorite line: “I can’t help it, man! I’m all about stupid!!”


“Blood Under the Skin” Review

BUTS 1.png

Original Airdate: November 1, 2010

Written & Storyboarded by: Cole Sanchez & Benton Connor

Finn the Human’s strengths come from his bombastic energy and desire to help other people, but not necessarily his physical attributes or cunning traits. He’s defeated the Lich on three separate occasions and has even survived lava through his time on the show, but he’s relied mostly on his wits and his daredevilish personality to accomplish these tasks. This episode highlights that Finn, while brave, noble and honest, can sometimes be a wimp when it comes to taking pain. Not that I can really say anything though, I’m still a little bitch when I get splinters too.

BUTS 2.png

What I really like about this episode is that it stresses that it’s okay that Finn isn’t the toughest warrior when it comes to physical attributes. In fact, all of the obstacles he endures in this episode are mentally taxing as opposed to brutal combat. Finn the Human, while being deemed a “pervert” or a “baby” by those he encounters in this episode, has one thing that Sir Slicer and his armored cronies do not have, and that is a large moral center. Blood Under the Skin continues with season one’s tradition of teaching Finn what it means to be a true hero, and this one spotlights not needing to look “cool” or tough in order to show who Finn truly is, and that is Ooo’s greatest hero.

This episode is loaded with great side characters. This is Choose Goose’s very first appearance in the series and I never figured he’d become a recurring character, but his generally surreal demeanor and Hanna Barbera-esque voice always cracks me up whenever he’s on screen. This is also a limelight episode for Steve Little’s voice acting. He plays both Sir Slicer’s minstrel and the drop ball ghost. What I like about Little is that you always know it’s his voice almost instantly when you hear it, but it has such a cartoony and exuberant touch to it that it almost feels like he could play every background character and I really wouldn’t mind. And I totally wanna try to play drop ball after this episode. Sir Slicer is a delightful jerk, and I’m surprised he’s never returned as an adversary towards Finn.

BUTS 3.png

What’s really undermined by the episode, however, is just how great Jake is written. Like I mentioned before, Finn seems constantly concerned with his identity as a true hero, while Jake doesn’t really give a fuck about what people think. He’s as supportive as possible to his best friend in this episode, but he has no shame at all wearing that slick lady armor. Although I think I can permanently remove the scene of Jake picking Finn up with his butt from my memory. Hopefully Finn will too. Right in the vault.

I also wanna try something a little new and include my favorite bit of dialogue in each episode review. This week’s quote:

Favorite line: Wonderful! I’ll need a trade of equal value. I’ll take the head of your dog friend!”