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“Her Parents” Review

HP 1

Original Airdate: January 24, 2011

Written & Storyboarded by: Ako Castuera & Tom Herpich

Oddly enough, this is the third episode in a row that Finn undergoes some type of suffering while Jake isn’t able to protect or help him. It’s unusual that this has become such a consistent recurring theme, but interesting that it’s been done in a completely different perspective each time. In Power Animal, Jake couldn’t focus on saving Finn, in Crystals Have Power, Jake didn’t want to use brute force to save Finn, and in this episode, Jake has two choose between the two people he cares about most: his best friend and his girlfriend.

HP 2.png

An interesting bit of lore is added to the world of AT in this episode with the 1,000 year Rainicorn-Dog Wars. It’s one of those little bits of information that was most likely included as a throwaway joke, but has since then been used in future episodes to be expanded upon. A Rainicorn-Dog War is silly enough, but almost seems to make no sense that it lasted 1,000 years until you realize it’s most likely cleverly from a “dog years” perspective (or even a Rainicorn years perspective; we know how quickly they age). Also, Rainicorns ate humans! It’s another interesting bit of apocalyptic world building that is honestly kind of dark when you think about our species dying off due to many of these colorful rainbow creatures.

I’m actually not a big fan of the premise of this episode; the idea of having the nervous boyfriend scared of meeting his girlfriend’s parents and having to pull off a giant facade just seems very 90’s sitcom to me. Of course, Adventure Time adds that extra punch of absurdity to make this stray from becoming too generic. Like the past few episodes, I really feel bad for Finn, but I can’t help but laugh at the horrible pain Bob and Ethel put him through in this episode. It sounds so sadistic of me, but I get a kick out of every time I see Finn get launched into those glass bottles.

HP 3.png

Bob and Ethel are actually really great as the quirky parents too. Of course, they try to eat our main protagonist at one point, but hey, different cultures, man. I also like how, even though this is literally the third time in a row Jake has indirectly allowed his friend to be in certain danger, he still doesn’t come off as unlikable. It’s all for his girlfriend who he cares about so deeply, but isn’t afraid to put his foot down when her parents take it too far with his best friend.

There’s also some really nice imagery in this episode. The colors are so vibrant and nice, even more so than usual. There’s a scene at the beginning of the episode with Finn, Jake, and BMO eating breakfast, and it just look gorgeous! Nick Jennings helped with a lot of the artwork in the episode, and added some great touches, such as the dust particles in the window and the shadows on Jake.

HP 4.png

I recently picked up Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook and there’s a recipe for Soy Human in it. I’m going to feel very dirty if I do, but I may have to try it myself… Details to follow…

Favorite line: “JJ flip! What the zip?”


“Adventure Time Pilot” Review


Original Airdate: January 11, 2007

Written by: Pendleton Ward

No idea why it took me so long to get to this, but here’s the pilot! A bit of unnecessary exposition, considering everyone who reads this blog probably already knows this, but this pilot originally aired on Nicktoons Network. Pen Ward originally pitched the show to be picked up by Nickelodeon, but they declined. And boy, are they probably kicking themselves to this day.

There a couple noticeable differences between the pilot and the series; obviously the animation style is quite different, and while I prefer the character designs of the actual series, the animation is actually really fluid and smooth in movement. This is especially apparent in the fight scene between Finn and Ice King and just how hard hitting and flowing their movements are. Of course, it also makes the entire pilot seem a lot slower, so I’m glad they went with a faster and more high speed animation process in the final product.


As for the voices, John DiMaggio as Jake and Ward as Abraham Lincoln are the only voice actors from the series who are present for the pilot. Finn (or Pen, as he’s referred to in the pilot) is replaced with Jeremy’s brother Zack Shada, Ice King is voiced by John Kassir, Princess Bubblegum is portrayed by Paige Moss, and Lady Rainicorn, for some reason, is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. I have to say, everyone does a good job in their roles, as Zack does a terrific job of simply soundly like a younger version of his brother. I’m sure John Kassir’s inflections as Ice King were where Tom Kenny got his inspiration for which direction to take the IK’s character in, and while they don’t sound identical, Kassir still does a terrific for only voicing the character once. It’s kinda like one of those character voices you see in a in a video game where it’s trying to be that character and sort of sounds like that character but isn’t that character. I have no idea why Lady speaks in gibberish, but it’s actually kind of fucking hilarious. I wouldn’t have wanted her voice to sound like that in the actual series, as Niki Yang’s voice is just so damn cute, but Dee Bradley Baker does an awesome job of just turning the character into a batshit animal. PB doesn’t speak much, but Paige Moss’s voice seems to suit her well.


What really works about this pilot is that it essentially works as a segue into the actual series. Besides the fact that Finn’s name is Pen, (which is humorously explained in one of the comics that Finn had such a fascination with pens at one point that he made everyone call him “Pen”) this pilot introduces Jake and Lady Rainicorn to each other, Finn’s infatuation for Bubblegum, Abraham Lincoln’s role as the king of Mars, and Ice King’s love for princesses. It’s a delightfully silly and crazy introduction to some of our beloved characters, and I could see it fitting along just fine with the rest of the series.

Onto season two!

“My Two Favorite People” Review

MTFP 1.png

Original Airdate: May 3, 2010

Written & Storyboarded by: Pendleton Ward & Kent Osborne

Finn and Jake are battling with Science Cat and the late Sword Shark (R.I.P., brother) when Jake realizes that it’s 4 o’clock and that he’s late for viola practice with Lady Rainicorn. Jake’s upset that he’s leaving because he’s missing out on Finn decapitating Science Cat and Sword Shark’s heads only for them to re-grow them the next day. I wonder why Science Cat and Sword Shark would ever put themselves in that position. That just sounds very uncomfortable. Jake shows up to play viola with Lady, but she’s hecka tired, so Lady goes right off to bed. Man, Rainicorns go to sleep super early. So Jake sadly rides home on his bike while venting to Shelby, the worm that lives inside of his viola, about how he wishes he could hang out with both Finn and Lady at the same time. So Shelby’s like, “why don’t you just hang out with Finn and Lady at the same time?” and Jake’s all, “great idea!”

MTFP 2.png

So Jake, Lady and Finn get together for a super awkward picnic where Finn tries to break the ice. Finn starts up a knock-knock joke with the setup of “diarrhea” but Lady never answers with “diarrhea who?” I really wanted to hear that joke; diarrhea always makes for a funny punchline. Jake asks Lady to say something funny and she mentions a time when her and Jake ran naked through a farmer’s field. If you ever wanna get past the censors kids, just speak in Korean. Obviously, Finn isn’t bilingual so he doesn’t understand what Lady’s saying, so the trio embarks on a journey to find a translator at the bottom of Lake Szelezon. The scenes underwater are especially a highlight; the animation is fast-paced and energized, and the music packs a feeling of thrill and whimsy. There’s also these really cool creatures called the Lake Knights that look like a mixture between a fish and a garden gnome.


Once receiving the translator, the only settings on it are alien, nightmare and grandpa, so naturally they choose grandpa. Finn gets a real kick out of it and he and Lady begin to bond. Jake slowly starts feeling left out when Lady and Finn leave him behind to go collect some choice cursed rings from Forest Wizard, and jealousy ensues. It’s interesting that only two episodes we were dealing with Finn’s jealousy toward PB and now we’re more so entering into Jake’s jealousy revolving around his love interest. I find that throughout season one, there’s a couple of episodes where Finn and Jake individually experience the same or similar situations to one another, and it’s interesting to see the different ways they handle it. In this instance, Finn seems more inclined to hide his feelings while Jake is a bit more brash and a bit more honest. It’s a good deal of character building that may or may not have been intentional, but helps flesh out the characters so that they don’t exactly seem like carbon copies of each other.

Cut to Lady and Finn playing on BMO in the tree house, whilst Jake watches. It’s kinda weird how this is BMO’s second appearance and he’s still just sort of a lifeless console. BMO’S MORE THAN JUST AN ITEM, DAMMIT. Jake’s jealous gets more and more obvious and he refuses to join Finn and Lady at a Cloud Kingdom party. A couple hours later, the two have neglected to return, so Jake calls the Cloud Kingdom and finds out that Finn and Lady had left an hour earlier. Jake shows up to Lady’s house and finds out that the two of them are hanging out without him, leaving Jake devastated. In a fit of rage, Jake looks through his phone contacts for some he can call to make his friends jealous. It’s fun to look back and see that most of these characters in Jake’s phone return later on, whether it be his old gang members or Card Wars tourney participants. And uh oh, Jake calls Tiffany. Finn and Lady hear someone shredding it on the viola, and find Jake and a mysterious stranger in the bushes. Finn’s all, “what the fuck man?? You’re cheating on Lady?” but Tiffany is revealed to be a boy, so Finn proceeds to beat the snot out of him. While Finn and Tiffany fight, Jake makes amends with Lady, apologizing for his behavior and realizing it’s sorta his fault. Tiffany runs off and vows to get Jake back, but Finn spits in his face and he runs off crying. Finn, Lady and Jake agree to always be stupid forever and the episode ends.


I think this one’s a pretty good introduction to Lady Rainicorn. I also like how it sort of goes in a realistic route of what sometimes happens with friends: someone introduces their friend to their other friend, and those two friends end up establishing a strong relationship, leaving the person who introduced them feeling somewhat hurt and betrayed. This is really the episode where Jake is actually starting to sound like Jake as well. The past handful of episodes kinda felt like John DiMaggio was trying to find a direction to take his voice in, but Jake mostly sounds very fluid and natural in this episode. This episode also introduces Tiffany, who we’ll be seeing a lot of later on.