“The Wand” Review

TW 1.png

Original Airdate: N/A

Written & Storyboarded by: Tom Herpich

The origin behind “The Wand” is sort of a mystery. Legend has it that it was screened at AMC Theatres before certain animated films, while other sources include screenings at Universal Studios and even Carl Jr’s. Besides that, I’m not sure why this minisode was made, or even when it was made. The animation looks like something that would’ve been produced around season three-ish, but I really can’t say. That bit of history aside, it’s a cute little short despite it’s brief run time.

The design of it is so specifically Herpich-y. It wasn’t till later in the series that his style became clearly apparent (Finn and Jake’s wider eyes, realistic hands, etc.), but it really looks nice in that regard. I’m guessing this was animated in-house, or by Rough Draft, but the animation in this one is really poppy and energetic.

TW 2.png

There isn’t much context when it comes to the actual plot. It just feels like something that would briefly happen in the everyday lives of Finn and Jake, which does feel somewhat appropriate given its length. I’m not sure that the concept behind The Wand could warrant an entire episode, as the story seems thin enough that it must be contained to at least two minutes.

One thing I do really like about this short is it showcases more of the dynamic of Finn, Jake, and Ice King working together. We saw this in Mortal Recoil, and it’s always sweet to see the boys genuinely getting along with him, as well as the IK simply wanting to help out in general.

There’s a couple decent jokes in this one: I like the ant that possesses Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice, the brief implication that LSP dropped acid gave me a big chuckle, and even Jake’s opening line of “[the clouds] make me wish I didn’t have to poop ever again” is so out there that I can’t help but laugh at it.

Aside from that, it’s nothing special. Take it for what it is, a simple minisode, and it’s worth at least one watch. Now, onto season three, forreal this time!

TW 3.png

Favorite line: “Oh my Glob, Melissa! I think it’s kicking in!”


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